How Does the Body Benefit from a Remedial Massage?

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A remedial massage is a popular complementary therapy that is intended for treating muscles that are immobile, knotted, tense, or damaged. This can help with a lot of problems that affect the muscles, bones, and tendons. This type of massage can also address several other health concerns. Remedial massage is one of the reasons why people look for a physio in Balwyn.

What it is used for?

Remedial massage is used for finding and repairing damaged areas of the body. It can also speed up the healing process of the body. The pressure applied in this kind of massage therapy is gentle and shallow or strong and deep. This depends on the physical problem to be addressed.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

A remedial massage is known for its multiple health benefits. This is why many therapy clinics offer it. Before you indulge in this clinical massage, it would help to know more about some of its benefits.

Improves blood circulation

This massage aims to stimulate the circulatory system, which helps in providing blood flow to the damaged tissue, making it repair itself quickly. This beneficial impact is supported by research, which shows that increased blood circulation can flush out toxins from the cells fast. This is why those people who suffered from a stroke or other severe trauma are likely to experience more relief after only a single session.

Eases out strained and tight muscles

A remedial massage is intended to release muscles that are tight and overworked. It helps to address overworked tissue and at the same time prevents muscle spasms. This also promotes tissue regeneration.

Increases the body’s range of motion

Most people usually ask for the help of a remedial massage therapist or a physio in Balwyn to increase the range of joint motion. If you seem to have a frozen shoulder, it can be hard for the affected muscles to relax. This may lead to stiffness of the joints and pain which can make it difficult to move. By working on the surrounding muscles, remedial massage can increase the range of motion. This helps in eliminating tension from tight areas of the body while restoring their normal functions by increasing body mobility. All these are done without incurring changes outside the body.

Manages overall pain

A bit of remedial massage can go a long way in managing chronic pain or injury. This is because remedial massage has been proven to decrease acute injuries as well as alleviate chronic conditions. You can have a remedial massage either once a fortnight or once a month to help you manage the pain. This can also benefit more common muscle pains such as muscle cramps. Aside from pain management, this massage can also help reduce stress.


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