Check this guide for buying bike lights online

Check this guide for buying bike lights online

Cyclists should carefully pick the right lights based on the riding conditions, the duration of the ride, the type of riding, and the bike of choice. Unlike cars where the selection of lights is barely a consideration. Cycling lights come in a broad variety of features and output levels. While no certain safety gear can shield you from a drunk or distracted driver, being visible on the road at night aid you to avoid being struck by attentive drivers. Bicycle lights are classified into two categories: lights to be seen and lights to see. A lot of cyclists are browsing the internet to buy bike lights online.

Having the appropriate lighting setup can make riding in low or dark conditions safer. It also provides you the peace of mind to get out there and continue racking up the miles once the sun goes down. When choosing the correct bike lights, your visibility on the road is vital, yet size, durability, battery replacement, and ease of fitting and removing are necessary.

buy bike lights online

Consider these when choosing the best bike lights

Select the right bike light brightness

  • An appropriate bike light must be as bright as to let you see while you cycle and let others see you. Yet, also, it must avoid blinding others. Lumens is the rating of bicycle lights. The least you will need to bike at night is around 300 lumens. You can use car headlights as a reference. The high beam is around 1,200 lumens while the low beam is around 700 lumens. Generally, your bike headlight must be around 300-500 lumens. Choosing higher lumens settings is beneficial when you prefer to go biking in pitch darkness, like in off-road settings. It is easy to be allured to choose bike lights with a lot of lumens, yet you need to ensure you do not blink others.

Ensure that the lights are certified

  • Luckily, producers can apply for FL-1 certification. This ensures the bicycle light will be as bright as the manufacturer is claiming. There are distinct testing protocols in place that will ensure the light of your bike’s water resistance, brightness, impact resistance, and run time. The best idea is to buy from a trusted bike shop since you can trust any mention of a certificate.

Recharging the bike light

  • Some bikes are hard to recharge, and some even use tools to remove batteries. The latest bikes use generic micro USB cables and it is very convenient for cyclists. You have to remember that you can charge your lights quicker when you charge them into the wall. Also, you might like to consider buying a bike light that has a battery indicator. This is beneficial since you will know when you need to recharge it.


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