A Riot of Fun: Experience Telugu Comedy Films on OTT Platforms

Enter the world of Tollywood, where the most important thing is to laugh. Forget about clichés and regular storylines that are too familiar. Telugu comedies that make you laugh are a welcome diversion. Funny Telugu moviesare the ideal remedy for a hectic day since they weave together colourful narratives with recognisable characters, outrageous circumstances, and surprising turns. Enjoying the delight of great flicks has never been simpler, thanks to the popularity of streaming services. Come along as we discuss what makes “Keedaa Cola,” “Samajavaragamana,” and “#MENTOO” such outrageous comedies and why you should watch them on streaming services.

1 – Keedaa Cola

The Telugu crime-comedy “Keedaa Cola” was written and directed by Tharun Bhascker in 2023. Two parallel storylines are introduced in the tale. Best friends Vaastu (Chaitanya Rao) and Kaushik (Rag Mayur) are experiencing life’s challenges while hoping for good fortune. Vaastu moves home with his wheelchair-bound grandfather, Varadarajulu (Brahmanandam) when his parents die. When they discover a cockroach in a cola bottle, their lives take an odd turn. They then plot to sue the beverage business in an attempt to get some money. The movie available on the aha video mixes humour and absurdity, is enjoyable and amusing to watch. Vivek Sagar’s lively soundtrack, which features songs like “DipiriDipiri” and “KayyalaChindhata,” has helped “Keedaa Cola” gain praise for its originality.

2 – Samajavaragamana

“Bala Subramanyam “Balu” is directed by Ram Abbaraju. Balu is a hardworking middle-class guy who works as a ticket clerk in a multiplex in Hyderabad. He provides all of his family’s needs on his own and despises passionate love. In accordance with his grandfather’s will, his father, Uma Maheswara Rao, pursues a degree in order to legally claim their ancestral land. When Sarayu (Reba Monica John), a fellow academic misfit, stays at their house for a fee, Balu meets her. Balu takes on the role of tutoring Sarayu and his father, which results in humorous circumstances. As their friendship develops into love, issues come up at an engagement party. The narrative develops as Balu and Sarayu work through this conundrum, revealing the turns and conclusions of the story.”


The film was written and directed by Srikanth G Reddy and K. Sudheer Kumar. When regulars of the “Stags Only” pub, Aditya (Naresh Agastya), Sanju (Kaushik Ghantasala), and Munna (Mourya Siddavaram) are introduced to Rahul (Harsha Chemudu), an IT worker embroiled in claims of sexual harassment. The group is stunned by Rahul’s significant decision. The movie addresses gender discrimination against males, especially from a pseudofeminist standpoint, and uses #MenToo to advocate for their rights. It explores the difficulties men encounter in society and their view of victimisation, igniting discussions about justice and gender equality.

To sum it up

A larger audience can now enjoy Funny Telugu movies more easily because of the availability of OTT channels. These films are available on Aha, which lets fans find new films and rewatch old favourites. These comedies are the ideal way to decompress after a hectic day. They can be easily viewed anytime, anywhere, thanks to the ease of streaming on aha video.

These funny Telugu films combine surprising turns, clever humour, and likeable characters in a distinctive way. They are ideal for anybody looking for a nice chuckle and a fun diversion. These films are now more accessible than ever thanks to the growth of OTT platforms, making them essential viewing for anybody seeking simple fun.


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